Warrington’s Public Health leaders urge residents to “look out for one another” following another increase in cases

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Warrington’s Public Health leaders are urging residents to think about the impact of coronavirus on other people, as well as the risk to themselves, as case numbers have risen again over the last seven days.

Cases of the virus have increased to 29 over the latest, confirmed seven-day period. While the number of positive cases in the town has gone up and down, the latest figures reveal a gradual, but more sustained, upwards trend of cases.

Cabinet member for Public Health, Cllr Maureen McLaughlin, said: “Case numbers of coronavirus have increased in our town over the most recent verified seven day period and all those who are affected have been contacted.

“We are learning to live with coronavirus and we know how extremely ill it can make some people. We must keep doing the basics, like washing our hands regularly, keeping our distance from other people and wearing a cloth face covering where necessary. Please continue to observe this guidance, for the sake of other people, as well as to protect yourself.

“We want people to be able to go out for dinner, or shopping, or to the pub, for example, and whilst it’s important we enjoy this freedom, it’s absolutely essential that if you have any coronavirus symptoms whatsoever, however mild, that you self-isolate and book a test immediately.

“It’s also important to follow the guidance when you’re out and about. This means keeping your distance from others and giving your contact details in restaurants and other settings, if asked, to help support local testing and tracing. You can play your part to prevent the spread of the virus and protect others, particularly those who are elderly or have underlying health conditions, from becoming extremely unwell.”

Director of Public Health, Thara Raj, said: “A few weeks ago, when our numbers were comparably high, the response from the people of Warrington to help prevent outbreaks of the virus was really positive. We need this same response again to ensure that we can drive down the number of cases once more.

“Please look out for one another. Make sure that you’re observing the national guidance to help keep each other safe. As people get back to school and college this is a good time to talk to your children and teenagers about how to take precautions and still enjoy themselves.

“Don’t delay, if you start to develop even mild coronavirus symptoms, including a new, continuous cough, loss of normal taste or smell or a high temperature, self-isolate straight away and book a test.”

To book a test, head to the test and trace page.

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