Help Manchester mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day

Help Manchester mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day

To mark 75 years since the end of The Second World War in Europe, people across Manchester will be asked to come together to raise a glass to celebrate peace in Europe.

This declaration, on 8 May 1945 was met with celebration by millions of people across the country and in Europe, who took to the streets coming together to celebrate peace after almost six years of war.

Once again the country finds itself living through unprecedented circumstances. Although the anniversary of VE Day cannot be celebrated in our streets, with our veterans and in our public spaces that does not mean the people of Manchester cannot show their gratitude to the generation which won the Second World War.

There are a number of ways that people can celebrate this special occasion.

Pause for a Two Minute Silence at 11am for a moment of reflection and Remembrance. We will be hosting a virtual performance of The Last Post on our Council Facebook Page and Twitter.

Why not connect with your neighbours through a street WhatsApp group and encourage them to go outside at 3pm with a drink to toast the heroes of World War II and give a big “cheers” together.

Though having a street party outside won’t be possible anymore, why not try an indoor party, put up flags, banners and have a picnic tea in your front room. Keep in contact with your friends and family over Zoom, Skype, Facebook live videos, or simply just picking up the phone.

Another way to get involved will be by joining in with the “ring out for peace” at 7pm. Mark the occasion with some noise by ringing bells from windows, banging saucepans and make a jolly good racket to mark the occasion.

Manchester Youth Council (MYC) will be working with Manchester Libraries using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to promote the day to young people, families and schools and organisations.

Be sure to share a photo of your celebration at home on Twitter – Manchester Libraries @manlibraries, Manchester Youth Council @MYCthehive and Manchester City Council @ManCityCouncil – and don’t forget to add #VEDayMCR so we can retweet your work.

Manchester City Council’s Deputy Leader, Nigel Murphy, said: “This anniversary marks a significant day in history which brought people together in peace and unity after years of hardship.

“Just as the generation which preceded us went through testing times, we now find ourselves in the midst of a crisis. But in the same way that they found a way to make it through the darkness so shall we. We have been reminded daily just how strong we are as a community.

“We should have marked this day with celebrations, joined by our loved ones in the streets that we live in and in the city that we know so well. However, just because we can’t be physically connected does not mean that we are alone. We will always find ways to stay close to the people that we care about, and will celebrate this anniversary the best we possibly can.”

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